radio 2Our Single “Cool Runnings” has been playlisted on Radio 2. Very happy!

Check out our video page to see the amazing  editing job Lucy Miller has done for it.


Our single “Weigh Me Down” will be released on February 11th.

Our first airplay will be Monday 16th on EGH Radio Rocks from 9pm.


 We have been busy in the studio and will release new material in the New Year. “Weigh Me Down ” will be the first single in January.

Started 2016 in Norway. As always lots of mad gigs but this time it was minus 23 ! If you go to our Facebook page you can see a short video of our time…. I really mean short- 1 second shots.


We had another amazing time in Norway last week. Felt like The Beatles Hamburg era as we were doing 3hr gigs. On Sunday we had two gigs so played for six hours- nice and sweaty!image

Great gig last night at the St Moritz Club with The Fallen Leaves. image

Had such a great time in Norway. Played in Bars, a restaurant, music shop and went on a radio show. Even met a guy who says he wants us to play in Thailand…..any things possible! image

At last things are moving with our single Elvis. The video is now on youtube and you can see it on our video page here.We will release the vinyl in January.Hooray! Great gig at the 12Bar on Wednesday with the always amazing The fallen Leaves. image image imageReally nice review of our EP “Make Me Howl” : So this is what Nikki does when she is not Sid Singing…..

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